Packaging And Trims Must Haves For Your Next Sportswear Collection

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What is up design family and welcome to another episode on today's episode we'll be looking at the four main types of packaging and trims to consider for your upcoming sports or collection this is gonna be a quick and easy episode so buckle up you guys are in for a good one [Music] welcome to fit design TV on this channel we'll explore what it takes to make it as an active or fashion brand whilst providing tips tricks and actionable steps towards starting your own product line whether an entrepreneur look at the star your own brand or just someone interested in fitness fashion there's something for you here [Applause] [Music] what do we mean by packaging and trims so in any sports wear or product collection you have the garments and you have the accessories that come with the garments think of your favorite brand when you unbox something when you unwrap something it comes to you from DHL USPS UPS whatever maybe in a large bag that's the Polly mailer bag that's the shipping bag that arrives it then you pull out your favorite clothes whether it's a pair of jeans or a nice tank top it's in another bag that's the product sleep and then once you put all the garment it may have like these tags attached to it that some information about the garment the company itself a motto something nice to kind of depth in the brand that's a hang tag and obviously on the inside of the garment you sometimes have these tags these kind of itchy tags that are on on kind of like the next the left hip area or on the collar line or sometimes they're printed those are brand and care labels so the first type of packaging and trim accessory that you want to consider is a good poly mailer first impressions are everything when a customer receives their goods from your awesome company you're gonna want it to arrive in style you're gonna want it to arrive safely not damaged not damp so you're gonna want a good poly mailer and obviously you're gonna want a brand that you're gonna want to have your take on what a good pollinator is but let's look at a standard poly manner standard polly miller is made out of polyethylene obviously can be made of other synthetic materials about polyethylene is great it has great tensile resistance it's waterproof and overall it's just a super robust material you can have it in different finishes like glossy finish ain't matte finish you can have an M frosted finish so it's a bit see-through you know it depends on what your take is and what your personal preference is all depends on your brand imaging there are many different sizes you can have for polly miller but the one that we recommend that would work across kind of a wide range of sizes is 11 inches by 17 inches do bear in mind that it should hold you know a certain capacity of products because you're going to be putting multiple products into these follow mirror and you'll be shipping it out so you won't have product or pollinator at the same time you won't have 20 products in it pollinator so you want to be you want to make sure that you're able to have a nice medium the second type of packaging trim that you would want to consider is an individual product sleeve so once you're done with the pollinator you have a product sleeve which you pull your garment off audit and that's a great way to organize goods in your hundred shelves at your warehouse and at the same time once you've shipped out goods you can have all of that information regarding or relating that specific product what skew it is the barcode the size the color all on a sticker that are attached to that poly mint or the product sleep so that's a great way to kind of categorize your products and to keep everything organized and when your customers receive them is just a great unpackaging experience you can have your products leave in a variety of kind of different finishes as well a lot of them are transparent so they'll be made out of frosted plastic some of them have a adhesive lip on the outside so once you package it you take off whatever cover you have and you'll seal in the products leave some of them have kind of a sort of like a ziplock structure is a plug that closes a mechanism that's awesome it's a bit more premium and it allows you to reuse those types of seals so that once you kind of done with it you can seal it up and you can reuse it again that's for the consumer it's a bit more of a high quality thing and at the same time you do want to be using some sort of synthetic material like pee et al or PE so polyethylene again it's gonna be a robust waterproof it's gonna be very tensile resistant and it's gonna be a great option for your products sleeve the third type that you may want to consider is an awesome hang tag so hang tag our kind of logos those dog tags you see attached clothing and they're just a fun way to kind of create a bit more depth to your brand to tell a bit more of a background story some brands put a nice model on there some of them put the product information on there kind of like hazard information material information it depends on what it is you want to convey but my advice would be just keep it simple girl agua under a social handle I can Instagram handle whatever maybe and a knife's motto that kind of represents your brand something nice to introduce people to who you are and just kind of create a bit more depth again hang tags can be made out of a variety of different materials you can be looking at artists paper cardstock like different thicknesses of cardstock 200 point 304 we would recommend something around 600 to 800 point anything less than that can be a bit flimsy you want to make sure that you're conveying the right message from the get and you can screen print on them you can do final heat transfer print on to hang tags you can emboss hang tags with a ton of things with hanging tags and we've seen some pretty pretty impressive hanging tags even laser-cut them and you can consider every last detail of the hang tag because with a hang tag not only do you have the pieces of paper or the pieces of cardboard that you have the information on but you may have the little hole that the string goes through so you can determine what material that hole is lined by is it metal is it a plastic ring that kind that is forming the edges of that hole yeah you can also consider the material of the string that goes through is it wax-coated is it a synthetic material a lot of different ways to decorate or customize a hang tag so sky's a little bit it's a great way to again give it more depth to your brand the fourth and final type of packaging trim to consider is a awesome neck tag or a care label so care labels are neck sacks come in two forms they come in the woven tag form which is that kind of that itchy tag or they can be made out of very softness you're like satin material so that they're not achieved but it's that tag material that you see sometimes that you would rip off or you cut off or a printed material that can either be a heat transfer print or a screen print depending on the project and the kind of budget that you have going on and these kinds of tags typically display key information about the brand they'll include the brand name the logo the size of the garment the material of the garments some basic washing instructions maybe a website so there's no rulebook you can kind of include whatever you want and if you've stuck around this long we really appreciate it as a thank you we'll include a link to download a bunch of AI templates off packaging and trim tech packs that we've created all you have to do is open them up put your logo on there you'll be good to go so hopefully that's the first step you guys take towards customizing your brand even further that's pretty much it guys that's a wrap taking you through the four main types of packaging trims that we would recommend starting off if you guys have any questions on any of these trims or if you think there's anything we've forgotten or we've overlooked please feel free to draw him in the comments below engage with you guys it's always a pleasure and it's always something that I look forward to that our team looks forward to until next time guys stay awesome and thank you so much for tuning in.

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