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Logo Design
Complete Logo Design package with a preliminary proposal and three further design iterations

Service Options

Included in the service:
  • This services entails the complete design and drafting of a 100% original brand logo.
  • Once payment  is received, a logo questionnaire is sent out for the client to answer. If needed, a call will be scheduled with the client to discuss design directions for the branding project. 
  • A preliminary logo proposal featuring 3 or more distinct  design options is sent within 15-16 days of payment. (Expedited Delivery add-on cuts  this down to 6 days
  • Once the client has reviewed and chosen a logo from the preliminary proposal, they will have a maximum of three opportunities to request changes and refine the logo. 
  • The final design can be submitted in any Adobe compatible format as requested (E.g. .ai / .psd / .pdf / .png etc.)
  • FittDesign guarantees the 100% authenticity of your design. 
You will receive a design questionnaire after checkout.
If necessary, a phone consultation can be scheduled as well.


Expedited Delivery
Cuts down total design time by half (16 days to 6 days)
Our Customers Love Our Work
"We won't be working with anybody else. Completely professional the entire way through, and they take the time to speak with you and answer every single question you have. 100% recommend them to anybody. A + service."
- Michael LaMarca