Quality-check potential fabric by checking for the following


Quality fabrics offer durability and vibrancy, so your regular wear won't fade or discolor over time. Plus, superior fabric ensures that color won't rub off on damp clothes when they come in contact.

Fabric Weave:

Fabric woven with care and precision is sure to last – a tight weave provides superior durability.

Thread Count:

The softness, smoothness and durability of a fabric can depend greatly on the number of threads woven into it. Thread count is an indicator that measures this with precision - ranging from low to high depending on the type of fabric used.

Fabric Weight:

Fabrics come in a variety of styles and materials, each offering unique benefits. If you're looking for durable fabric that holds up over time, be sure to check its GSM rating—the higher the number means it's heavier-weight and extra resilient.

Fabric Finish:

The perfect fabric finish can make all the difference. Not only will it change how your material looks, but also ensure its lasting quality and charm.

Fabric Balance:

The true mark of high-quality fabric is the same size yarn and thread count in both its warp and weft. Only then can you be sure that your material will have an even texture throughout.


The strength and quality of a fabric is determined by the number of yarns woven together. The more intricately twisted threads, referred to as ply, create fabrics that are durable yet delicate in appearance.

Natural fibers:

Natural fibers are the way to go for sewing projects and daily wear - they'll hold up over time, through laundering cycles and regular use.

Cut Edge:

Inspecting the ends of fabric rolls can help you to determine its quality. If you notice excessive fraying, then that's a telltale sign that it may be time for an upgrade.

Fiber Specific Quality Checks:


Investing in high-quality cotton is a great way to ensure comfort and longevity for your wardrobe. It's comprised of long staple fibers that create an irresistibly soft texture, as well its dense weave keeps light from filtering through the fabric. Additionally, premium cottons are highly resistant to pilling or thread gaps and make laundering far easier than other fabrics - West Indian Sea Island Cotton even being considered the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to this classic material.


Flax linen, often known as the best of its kind, is a luxurious fabric that's sure to stand out. Not only will it feel soft and cool; but vibrant colors stay brilliant in the dye-job process ensuring no fading over time. Additionally, you'll notice tiny textures called slubs scattered conveniently across your sheets - adding an extra bit of sophistication and visual interest with each wash getting softer than before.


When you're looking for top-notch wool, look no further than material that has a tight knit free of knots, retains its shape and resists creasing. It'll stay vivid in color - from bleaching to dyeing - plus it's made to last with excellent water repellency and moisture absorption qualities. Plus, this superior cloth won't tear or pill easily either.


Full-Grain leather is considered the ultimate in quality and looks "natural" to the eye, with all its original characteristics intact. It will have a variety of imperfections that make it unique, so if you see something too perfect - it's likely not full-grain! On top of visual appeal, high-grade leather should be absent from any scratches or blemishes and smell richly inviting – plus it'll feel different on either side; one smooth for max comfortability against skin while the other has been left unfinished for added resilience.

Faux Leather:

When it comes to making sure your projects will last, faux leather is an excellent choice. This alternative fabric can come in a range of qualities and still offer the same soft texture without being too glossy or flimsy. Finding top-notch fabrics doesn't have to be difficult – by simply becoming familiar with what makes quality materials stand out from the rest, you'll soon become an expert on finding just the right material for all your project needs.

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