What is a Raglan Sleeve?

When designing a shirt or jacket, there are many factors to think about, a major one being the type of sleeve to use. A common type is a raglan sleeve, which is a sleeve that extends from the cuff to the collar in one piece and attaches to the shell of the garment. While there’s a few variations of the raglan sleeve, they’re all characterized by that same cuff-to-collar design.

Interestingly enough, the raglan is reportedly named after Lord Raglan, who wore a coat with this sleeve style after losing his arm in the Battle of Waterloo.

Nowadays, thanks to its comfortable fit and relatively easy construction, you’ll see it a lot in sports and activewear. For example, the mid-length raglan is a popular choice among MLB baseball players who wear it under the jersey.

The raglan sleeve gets its comfortable fit from the wider underarm area, which provides more space for movement. This also makes it a popular design choice for activewear jackets.

In summary, a raglan shirt/jacket has the following characteristics:

  • There is no shoulder seam
  • Fit is wider in the underarm area
  • Casual, sporty look
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